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TRIMS provides insight as a knowledge-based tool that measures technical risk management rather than cost and schedule. Cost and schedule overruns are downstream indicators of technical problems. Programs generally have had process problems long before the technical problem is identified. To avoid this progression, TRIMS operates as a process-oriented tool based on a solid Systems Engineering approach. Process analysis and monitoring provide the earliest possible indication of potential problems. Early identification provides the time necessary to apply corrective actions, thereby preventing problems and mitigating their impact. TRIMS is extremely user-friendly and tailorable. This tool identifies areas of risk, tracks program goals and responsibilities, and can generate a variety of reports to meet the userís needs.

TRIMS is a Windows application that runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
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Need a Demonstration of TRIMS?
If you would like to view a detailed instructional walkthrough of TRIMS, these files can be downloaded or viewed here.
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